Chevrolet new racing transmission failure light
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Fault phenomenon: a new sail EMT has been running 43799km. The owner reflects that it is easy to get rid of gear when running, and the transmission fault lamp is bright. Fault diagnosis and removal: 3 fault diagnosis codes are found in the engine control module by RDS inspection: P2905, P060C, P29 () 6, for the transmission failure, the main processor (MMP) and the engine torque are all "history". Because some or all of the gears are intermittently skip or unable to hang into the gear, the analysis of the cause of the failure is likely to be the failure of the sensor, the signal distortion, the bad contact of the wiring harness or the ability to resist interference. Refresh the demarcation file of the transmission control module TCM, and replace the gear position sensor, the shift position sensor and the clutch position sensor (the 3 position sensor parts are the same, all 9065944), and the EMT wire harness (Part Number: 24100533) no longer appear.