TOYOTA Prado does not turn on the air conditioner to extinguish and reverse the brake pedal vibration when reversing.
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A TOYOTA mileage with a mileage of about 130 thousand km carrying a 4.0LV8 engine and a four wheel drive. Now there are two faults. One is to turn the air conditioner on at idle speed without extinguishing the fire. Now the weather is cold. Without air conditioning, we must turn on the air conditioner, otherwise the vehicle will not be able to use it. Many sensors such as throttle, accelerator pedal and spark plug have been replaced. Two, when the car is reversing, the brake pedal has strong vibration. The fault code can not be adjusted by the diagnostic instrument, and the fault lamp is not lighted. Repair in trouble, please teach! The first problem is to turn on the air conditioner, the engine will speed up, and there will be idling after speed increase. There will be no idle speed without speed. The analysis is caused by the low idle speed of the engine. The maximum engine speed and the minimum speed are closely related to the nozzle aperture. In other words, if the injector is not blocked, it may be the engine matching error, the gas is too late to cause the idle speed to be too low, and it is necessary to check whether the timing mark is wrong or the fault hopping. The second problem is the strong vibration of the brake pedal when reversing, indicating that the onset time of the forward block is normal, and the time of onset is only too early. Because the car is a sports multi-function vehicle, to cope with the various complex pavement conditions, such as vehicles in the ice and snow road braking, if it continues to set the starting point according to the normal road, it will be out of control. To this end, the vehicle added a speed reducing sensor to judge the wet slippage of the road surface. The greater the deceleration of the vehicle, the greater the swing of the photoelectric sensor. The system divides the road slippery degree into four grades. When the road surface is considered as the high wet slide degree, the start point of anti lock action is ahead of schedule. Once the speed sensor is mounted in the opposite direction, the maximum deceleration data is first obtained when the vehicle is braking, and the minimum acceleration data is obtained first. As a result, the ABS always make wrong judgments on the road surface. It is recommended to check and install the deceleration sensor correctly before commissioning. The abnormal malfunction of reversing brake should be eliminated.