Smoke on the left side of the Land Rover Rover
  • Automotive

A 2011 368DT-V8 Land Rover Range Rover carrying the 3.6 diesel engine. The engine's engine idling and the exhaust pipe on the left exhaust thick smoke. Fault diagnosis: connect SDD detection, read fault code P007F, meaning cylinder row 1 and cylinder row 2 intake temperature sensor related failure. Possible causes of failure are: mechanical failure or leakage of intake system; absolute pressure / temperature sensor and its circuit fault on intake manifold of left and right sides. Carefully check the intake system, remove the hose in front of the throttle and find that the left throttle is very dirty and dry, so it is doubted that the left exhaust recirculation (EGR) system works abnormally, resulting in excessive flow of exhaust gas into the left inlet pipe, making the left intake air temperature significantly higher than the right intake temperature, resulting in a failure code P007F At the same time, it causes the engine idle speed jitter and the left exhaust pipe smoke. Remove the left intake manifold, take off the exhaust recirculation valve, find that the exhaust valve valve is broken, causing the waste gas recirculation valve to be unable to close, and the exhaust gas is directly into the intake manifold. Troubleshooting: replace the exhaust gas recirculation valve after trial run, troubleshooting.