Analysis on the failure of diesel engine power shortage
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Diesel engine running for a long time, due to parts wear or operation, improper adjustment, maintenance and maintenance are not timely and other reasons, there will often be insufficient power. There are 2 main reasons for the lack of diesel engine power, but the main reasons are as follows: one is that the combustion chamber is not sealed, the fuel supply is insufficient, the atomization of the injector is poor, the supply of gas supply is insufficient, the adjustment of the fuel supply is improper, and the fuel is not completely burned, and the engine power is insufficient, and the two is due to the machine grinding. Excessive loss, poor lubrication, poor cooling, improper installation and so on, the power of the diesel engine itself is too high, which reduces the output power and leads to the lack of diesel engine power. Therefore, when analyzing and eliminating the failure of diesel engine power shortage, we should grasp the 2 key problems of the combustion quality and the size of the friction loss, and then combine the users' understanding and mastery of the wear and technical status of each component of the diesel engine, and find out the most possible reasons for the lack of diesel motor power. Check and exclude. The main reasons for the lack of diesel engine power are as follows: the air filter and the intake port of the diesel engine are not smooth or blocked because of the excessive dust, which will not only cause the insufficient air in the cylinder, not only the compression pressure is insufficient, but also the fuel can not be completely burned because the fuel can not get enough air, resulting in the insufficient motor power of the diesel engine. If the other conditions are normal, if the exhaust pipe or the muffler accumulates a lot of carbon and the exhaust is not smooth, the exhaust gas in the cylinder is not clean and the amount of fresh air inside the cylinder will be reduced. At this time, although the compression pressure is not low, but because of the inadequacy of the air inside the cylinder, the fuel can not be completely burned, resulting in the lack of diesel engine power and black smoke. Therefore, the users should remove the dust from the air filter and the intake port regularly, and remove the carbon and dirt from the exhaust pipe and the muffler regularly, so as to ensure the flow of the intake and exhaust system.

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