The engine is easy to extinguish when the 408 hot car is running at low speed
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A Peugeot 408 car, the cold car is all right. When the hot car is running at low speed, the engine is easy to flameout. It is suggested that the following process be dealt with. 1. first confirm whether the engine software is the latest version, that is, T73 EW10A+AT8 engine software is 9667332380, if not, then upgrade immediately. 2. clean the throttle (disconnect the harness plug, remove the throttle, and wash it more conveniently and thoroughly). 3. check the spark plug and replace it if there are any of the following circumstances. (1 there are cracks; 2) ceramic defects; 3. There are too many dark red deposits on the spark plug electrode; 4. replace the ignition coil (according to the inspection process of the after ignition coil). 5. change the VALEO charcoal tank solenoid valve. 6. as far as the obstacle mileage exceeds 15000km, replace the carbon tank. After more than 7. operation, the engine self learning is completed (Note: when the engine is self-learning, the water temperature must be at room temperature, that is, no more than 30 degrees). 8. carry out the 10km road test for all vehicles after completing all the above operations. If all is normal, the vehicle will be delivered to the user.