Audi Q7 bumps on the road to turn right and turn to turn.
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Fault diagnosis: (1) the owner reflects that the vehicle will not sound abnormal when it is running in a straight line or turning to the left. It is found that the speed of the vehicle is less than 20km/h when the vehicle is turning to the right. When the right front wheel meets the plane, it will appear a "quack" sound. The sound is not coherent. When the abnormal sound appears, it can try to get the sound back and forth, when the same method does not sound, it sounds like the same way. The right front winged plate is rubbed on the A column. (2) when the owner is still reflecting the rain, the sound of the right front suspension will not be detected after rushing through the water. Finally, try to turn right and slow down to the high low sill. Each time can be heard (at this time the two front wheel is not on the same plane). A clear sound can be heard on the A column with ears. It is doubted that the right front wing plate and the instrument table are not tightened with the body bolts in the instrument table and the failure is still after the dismantling. (3) in the absence of the right front wing panels, the dashboard and the engine cover, the trial vehicle noise is introduced from the outdoor engine at the engine, and it is found that a piece of iron on the beam is caused by the abnormal sound and the vibration is obviously felt. As shown in Figure 1, it is caused by the iron skin and the beam friction. Produce friction.