Trouble of steering wheel dithering in TOYOTA crown vehicle turning
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Malfunction: a new TOYOTA crown 3 car (155). The steering wheel has a jitter when turning, and the front wheel is accompanied by a click. Troubleshooting car repair: the car has been repaired in 2 repair plants and replaced the front suspension arm and slanted rod (the front suspension is similar to the front suspension of Lexus LS400). The car was sent to the platform, and the two men worked together. One man turned the steering wheel in the cab, and one watched the condition of the front suspension and steering gear. After such inspection, two cylindrical fixed rubber sleeves of the steering machine were broken loose. Ask the spare parts Seller, the two cylinder fixed rubber sleeve of the steering machine is not sold by a single piece, and can only buy the steering wheel assembly. Taking into account the economic capacity of the owner, it is decided to modify the cylindrical fixed rubber sleeve of the steering wheel. Replace with a cylindrical copper sleeve. After processing two cylindrical copper sleeves, the steering wheel is assembled and tested. The steering wheel dithering feeling is eliminated when turning, but the front wheel "click" still exists when turning. I feel again that the front wheel abnormal noise does not exist when the brake pedal is turned on lightly. This is the decision to check the brake system. It is not wrong to remove the brake disc, brake disc and brake disc, but it is found that the clamp with the brake pad is filled with mud, the cleaning agent is used to clean the mud, the brake pad and the tire test, the front wheel is removed. All failures of the car are eliminated.