The background light of Beijing modern ix35 air conditioning panel is not bright
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A Beijing modern ix35 sport utility vehicle with a mileage of about 20 thousand km, equipped with second generation of theta engines and 6 speed automatic transmission. User response: after the car turns on the headlamp, the air conditioning panel light does not shine. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel test the car, found that the car opened the front light after the dashboard and the sound panel of the lighting are working normally, only the lighting on the air conditioning control panel is not bright. According to the fault phenomenon, the fault point is limited to the internal panel of the air-conditioning control panel. Remove the air conditioner panel, measure the power supply and the voltage of the circuit board behind the panel, all are normal. This further eliminates the possibility of peripheral circuit faults. Careful observation showed that a fixed bracket behind the newly removed air conditioning control panel was broken. Obviously, someone had dismantled it here. It seems that if we can not find a clear fault point, this time is likely to be fruitless. Continue to disassemble the air conditioning control unit and find that the perfume smell is more and more intense. Communication with users revealed that the perfume bottles on the dashboard of the car had been dumped, and a large amount of perfume flowed into the instrument panel. At that time, due to the timely drying of the perfume on the surface of the instrument panel, there was no cause for any malfunction. After knowing the situation, the maintenance staff speculated that the fault is likely to be related to the corrosion of the circuit board by perfume. Therefore, every element on the circuit board is checked carefully, and the result is found that the 1 end leg of the connector M 13-B is removed from the fault: replacing the air conditioning control unit and troubleshooting.