Automobile maintenance knowledge three techniques to prolong vehicle life
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How to prolong the service life of the vehicle is a big problem for many car friends, mainly from maintaining the good technical state of the car, which is more conducive to prolonging the life of the vehicle. In fact, its content is more extensive, including the knowledge of car beauty care and so on. In summary, there are three main aspects: first, the car body maintenance body maintenance and custom called auto beauty, the main purpose is to remove all kinds of oxidation and corrosion outside the car body and in the car body, and then protect it, and try to highlight the "beauty" of the car. . It mainly includes: car paint maintenance, cushion carpet maintenance, bumper, skirt maintenance, dashboard maintenance, electroplating processing and maintenance, leather plastic maintenance, tire, hub maintenance, windshield maintenance, chassis maintenance, engine appearance maintenance, etc. Two, the car maintenance body maintenance is to keep the car forever young, the purpose of the car maintenance is to allow the car to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers without major repair, to ensure that the car is in the best technical condition. It mainly includes: lubrication system, fuel system, cooling system, braking system, maintenance of carburetor (nozzle). Three, the car body refurbished, such as deep scratch diagnosis, management, multi material bumper repair, wheel hub (cover) hard repair, leather, chemical fiber refurbishment, the engine color refurbishment and so on. Car maintenance is divided into two types of regular maintenance and non - regular maintenance, regular maintenance, regular maintenance, first - level maintenance, two level maintenance; non - regular maintenance: maintenance and seasonal maintenance. The main work of vehicle maintenance is nothing more than cleaning, checking, tightening, adjusting and lubricating. But with the development of science and technology and automobile industry, all kinds of advanced technology based on computer are widely used in automobiles, which make the future automobile become intelligent, so the content of automobile maintenance has been given new connotation. Vehicle maintenance is a complex technology with high technology. It is difficult for drivers to complete the work alone, and it needs to be carried out by steam maintenance enterprises. And now in our country, there is still a part of the automobile maintenance enterprises holding the traditional maintenance concept, maintenance equipment and tools outmoded and backward, maintenance methods or methods are old, and do not adapt to the needs of modern development. In addition, the service quality of individual maintenance enterprises is worrying, in order to make profit "black box operation", the maintenance of the old charge new, to bad charge, maintenance costs, change the cost of the sky. Therefore, the drivers should be reminded to choose the maintenance enterprises with strong technical strength, reliable service quality and good reputation, and do not have trouble, save money and not maintain the car, so as not to be small.