Troubleshooting of automobile lighting and signal system
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Reason: the horn diaphragm rupture or the resonance plate nut loosening, the phenomenon: the horn sound is hoarse, the volume decreases significantly, measures: replace the horn diaphragm or tighten the resonance plate air gap reason: the horn inner contact gap disappeared, the phenomenon: the horn does not sound, when the horn button is only one impact sound, the light brightness at the same time reduces, measures: tune Whole center rod end nut to reduce the cause of contact gap: the horn fire line has an iron lap fault, phenomenon: the horn does not sound, the current indicates a large number after the ignition lock (the horn current passing through the amperer), the measure: check the ringing point at the line of the horn of the horn and eliminate the reason: the horn line is broken, the phenomenon: the horn is not sound When the ignition lock is opened, the current expression is normal, and the current meter pointer does not swing when the horn button is pressed. Measure: check whether the lead off line in the steering shaft is broken off or grinding and reconnecting: the contact of the horn to the button wire or the button can not be separated, the phenomenon is that the sound of the horn is long ringing and the button is changed when the button is flapped. Measures: check whether the rear end of the steering shaft will break the horn line, whether the button is skewed or not, whether the spring piece has been deformed or not: the horn relay contact sintering, the phenomenon: the loudspeaker ringing, the relay "power" connection column wire does not sound, the measure: grinding relay contact contact