Reynolds scenery adjusted engine abnormal response
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A Renault landscape with a mileage of about 120 thousand km, equipped with 2. 0L engine and automatic transmission. User reflection: after the car is changing the timing belt and the timing belt tensioner, the engine starts normally, the idle speed is stable, but the noise resembles the noise of the valve or deflagration. After receiving the car: use the diagnostic instrument for self diagnosis without fault code. In view of the data flow, it is found that the ignition advance angle of the idle speed is 30 degrees, indicating that the ignition time is premature, causing the engine to work rudely and knocking the cylinder, which can determine the incorrect engine timing. The engine was dismantled and found that it was 3 times ahead of time. Why is there such a problem? It turns out that the structure of the engine is special, and between the crankshaft and the crankshaft timing gear is not located with a keyway, but by compression, which is similar to the camshaft of the Audi V6, which must be positioned with a special tool when assembling the timing belt, and then fixed by tightening the bolt. It is also found that the positioning card in the rear of the inlet and exhaust camshaft is well installed, but the timing error is caused by the location hole in the positioning pin that is not found. The timing mechanism of the engine is adjusted according to the regulations, and the trial run is completely eliminated. The common Renault landscape engine has 2. 0L and 1. 6L two kinds. When adjusting the timing mechanism, special fixture and positioning pin are needed.