BMW 523Li car flameout when driving
  • Automotive

A car with a mileage of about 60 thousand km and a F18 523Li powered BMW 523Li car equipped with N52 engines. Users reflect: the car is running out of fire. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel tried to start the engine and failed. The engine control unit is detected and the oil pressure in the low pressure part of the fuel is found to be 0kPa. Check the dashboard to show that the fuel margin is more than half a box. When the fuel pump is removed, it is found that the fuel pump bracket is severely bent, and the oil pump suction nozzle can not be detected below the fuel level. This is the direct cause of the sudden extinction of the vehicle. So what causes the pump bracket to bend like this? The car was found to have dents on both sides of the fuel tank. From the characteristics of the deformation of the fuel tank, this is not caused by the backing, but more like extrusion. This is usually caused by the blockage of the air vent in the canister. Remove the left rear wheel to check the canister vent. It is found that the nozzle is blocked by the "chassis armor" spray. This is the culprit of the failure. Troubleshooting: cleaning ventilation pipe, repairing fuel pump bracket and fuel tank, troubleshooting.