What do you do with the car? 9 point replacement of spare tire
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Do you know what a spare tire is? A spare tire is called a spare tire, that is, it is hung on the back of the car or in the trunk of the car, and you may not use that tire for the rest of your life. Most of the time, it will be there silently, waiting for one of the thousands of opportunities, and a bad wheel brother has an accident, so it can be used. Spare tire is very important for vehicle use, especially high speed travel. To avoid the impact of the journey, we must pay attention to the spare tire. Maybe someone has encountered such a situation, in the course of driving a tire caused by a failure and can not drive, thinking of replacing the spare tire, but found that the long-term no "care" of the spare tire is completely deflated, it is impossible to save. Usually spare the spare tire, once the fetus is out of trouble, it will find trouble. Therefore, as a vehicle owner, there should be a general understanding of spare tire. If it is necessary to use spare tire, it will not be at a loss. At present, most cars will have a spare tire, which will have the same specifications as the original car tires. But in some cars, spare wheel with special color wheel rim, spare tire, folding spare tire, zero pressure continuous tire and so on will be used. The full size spare tire is better understood. It is a spare tire with the same specification as the four original tire, and usually the same rims as the original wheel; the size of the full size spare tire is the same as the other 4 tires, and can be replaced with any of the tires that are temporarily or not used. Non full sized spare tire is a spare tire with narrow tire width or small rim size. It usually uses iron rim and is limited to driving speed (maximum speed can not exceed 80km/h). Therefore, it can only be used as a temporary replacement and can only be used for non driving wheels. Zero pressure tires, also known as run-flat tire, are our commonly known "explosion-proof tires", and the industry is directly translated as "gas - deficient tires." Compared with ordinary tires, the zero pressure tires can not leak or leak very slowly after they have been stabbed. It can keep the running contour and the bead can always be fixed on the rim so that the car can travel to the maintenance station for a long time or temporarily. Therefore, cars equipped with such tyres will no longer need to carry spare tire, so that spare tire will be concealed in 4 ways in another way. Although there are all the instructions for the replacement of the spare tire, I believe that ninety-nine percent of the people are eager to run all over China after buying a car, and the instructions are thrown out of the air. Well, today we will tell you how to replace spare tire safely and quickly, and remember the main points for rainy day. Many owners care about the four used tires, and have a certain knowledge about the tire inspection and four wheel transposition, but often ignore the maintenance of the spare tire. Remind the majority of the friends to pay attention: also spare tire daily inspection, do not wait for a tire accident, take out the spare tire to find, the spare tire has been unable to use. Before daily maintenance or long distance travel, few owners check the spare tire, and some unprofessional repair shops often neglect this. Spare tire testing is mainly to check tire pressure and wear and tear. Before tyres wear to wear marks, change the tire as early as possible. If there is a small crack on the side of the tire, it can not be used to run long distance or high speed. Because the sidewall of the tire is thinner, the tire burst easily occurs at high speed. There are strict requirements for the replacement of the original tire in the exclusive store, and spare tire is not suitable for adjusting the tire. Tire adjustment itself is weighing different parts of the wear, and has not advocated the right to adjust the tire, front and rear tire also has different wear problems. Due to different wear and tear, spare tire will increase security risks. Spare tire is actually emergency use, not long term tire. Spare tire is wide and narrow, the manufacturer has special production and use requirements. As the spare tire is not running on the car for a long time, it is not worn, so a tire that is not worn is not the same as the tire that has been worn out. The use of spare tire in the car itself has a certain safety hazard. In the course of using, the user can not change the original tire to spare tire because the car has run a few kilometers. Because the production time of spare tire and primary tire is different, tyre aging, hardening degree, life span and deformation are different, so it is not safe to use for a long time. Spare tire should be replaced immediately after emergency use. Spare tire pressure is different from normal tire. Before using spare tire, barometer should be used to adjust the pressure of spare tire. The tire pressure of the ordinary low pressure tire is between 2 and 2.2 "air pressure", while the spare tire is between 2.7 and 3.2 "air pressure". High pressure spare tire one is to ensure the shape, two is to reduce the probability of tire burst at high speed, but it can not be used for a long time and high speed. After changing the spare tire, the owner should promptly find professional personnel to adjust the tire pressure and turn the pressure to a safe state (around 2.7 MPa). The main component of tires is rubber, and rubber is most afraid of the erosion of various oils. Owners often store lubricating oil and other oil in the trunk. Once the oil touches the tire, it will cause the tire to expand, which will greatly reduce the service life of the tire. If tyres are stained with oil, wash the oil with neutral detergent in time. Many owners believe that as long as spare tire is kept in the trunk, it will not be used, but it will be "no matter how long it is." This often happens: the owner wants to change spare tire after the tire burst, but finds that the spare tire has been seriously aging after many years of placement, and it has long been a waste tire. Because the tire is rubber products, the storage time is too long will appear aging phenomenon, the average aging period of the tire is about 4 years, therefore, to 4 years after the replacement of the spare tire. Some owners will use the repaired tires as a spare tire. If they are to be used again, they must be placed on a non driving wheel. Generally, the intermediate and below vehicles we drive are all front driven, and the car's direction is less easily controlled because of the front wheel blowout, so the repaired tires are made. Put it in the back wheel. In addition, when using spare tire, especially small spare tire, we should pay attention to the speed control, and generally do not exceed 80 km / h. In the course of daily driving, the tire is exposed to the ground for a long time. It is prone to natural loss, non natural damage, human and other damage. When the tire is damaged during the driving process, how to deal with it? The following is to explain the method of self replacement for spare tire so as to meet the emergency situation. It can be dealt with in time. First of all, we should find the position of the spare tire. According to the difference of the model, the spare tire is generally placed below the floor of the trunk; it is hung under the tail of the car; it is fixed outside the rear of the trunk. First, the counterclockwise direction is loosened and the clockwise direction is tightened. The bolt is loosened in the counter clockwise direction, as the bolt of the fixed wheel is tightened tightly, so we can use the strength of the body; after the bolt is loosened one by one, the vehicle can be hoisting with the jack. When using jack, we should pay attention to: there are many jacks on both sides of the car bottom, which must be put in the slot to avoid accidents; after jack up, the bolt is loosened in turn, then the whole tire can be taken down, which means that the tire is dismantled satisfactorily. Before installing spare tire, it is better to place the removed tyre at the bottom of the car, so as to avoid the accident of the three wheel landing caused by the dislocation of the jack. The most difficult to install the spare tire is how to align the spare wheel with the wheel fixed bolt. The lift is too high. It is necessary to lift the spare tire. It is very manual. It is best to help others. If one person operates a leg or foot to hold the spare part, prevent the displacement. Put the spare tire on the bolt or bolt eye assembly, and twist a bolt first, then twist it all up one time, and finally wrench a little with the wrench. Don't twist the bolt in clockwise or counter clockwise when the bolt is screwed, but screw the bolt in the order of diagonal line. For example, the fixed tire is five bolts, we first use the diagonal way to twist the four, and then screw up the fifth bolts, and when the bolt is the best twist of each bolt to keep the same number, in order to ensure that the force of the bolt is uniform. After the five bolts are screwed up, we can remove the jack (at the same time remove the tire under the vehicle), so that the vehicle can return to the ground. After tightening, the work of replacing spare tire can be announced.