Cause and diagnosis method of engine overheating failure
  • Automotive

When engine is used, it often appears that the water temperature exceeds 80~90 degrees, until the abnormal phenomenon of boiling (boiling water tank). Once the engine overheating, it will lead to the deformation of cylinder liner, piston and piston ring, and the piston ring opening clearance top death causes the piston ring warp to cause the piston stagnation, causing cylinder plug without gap friction, scraping the cylinder wall under high pressure and increasing the wear of the cylinder wall. The lubricating oil is sintered at high temperature to form non lubricated friction; at the same time, carbon accumulation is increasing, producing hot heat, which makes the combustion process of the working gas mixture lose control and the power property is obviously decreased, and the exhaust pipe has black smoke, work instability and insufficient power. This fault is a vicious cycle caused by engine overheating, which will seriously damage the engine.