Toyoda Kamimizu smart key often fails to start the engine.
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A mileage TOYOTA Camry car with a mileage of about 30 thousand km, equipped with 2. 4L engine and automatic transmission. Users reflect: the car has two smart keys, one of the smart keys and the intelligent function, the other is often unable to start the engine, and the remote control is very slow, it needs to light for a long time to light, and intermittent failure. As one of the smart keys is normal, the other is not working properly, so it can be judged that the body line, the power supply and the signal receiver have no problems, and there is no electromagnetic interference. Problems may arise on smart keys, such as smart keys, inadequate power supply or matching problems. Open the defective smart key and measure battery power. Normal, it seems that you need to rematch. Use the diagnostic instrument to operate, delete the data of the defective smart key, then perform the re operation procedure, but never add it. Carefully check the circuit board of the smart key, and find no corrosion or burning loss. Replace it, re match operation, test run, remote control and intelligent key function resume normal, maintenance work is over. For a single smart key failure, the failure is usually in the smart key itself. After consulting the owner of the car's failure, he found that the intelligent key was faulty during the use process, and then there was intermittent and no work. This indicates that the circuit board is damaged by vibration, and replacement is the best solution.