Is the three yuan catalytic converter caused by the failure of the engine fault?
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At the end of the year, the Spring Festival Spring Festival trip was introduced to the agenda early. Owners who are going to drive home also need to start working on the car before a long journey. There are many discussions about such maintenance at the auto forum, and the most frequently discussed posts on "three Yuan catalysis" are the most heated discussions. "Before the car also often appear engine fault light often bright phenomenon, 4S said oil problem, halfway through the oil and oil tank 3000 yuan, or often lights, after the system has been re upgraded, there is no more than 62 thousand kilometers, then how to sell also a moment will be bright, finally determined to be three Yuan catalysis "There is a problem!" in the forum, the first discussion was this post, lauchiwai said, the 4S store said that it could not claim, can only use other ways to help, but 1 months has not been news. A Cadillac owner also encountered similar trouble. He said in his post that his car was bought in 2011, less than 3 years, more than 70 thousand kilometers, still under warranty. However, the three yuan catalytic device is also a problem, need to be replaced, but the 4S store does not claim to be a warranty claim project, "because of the use of fuel in the process of impurities caused by the replacement of the owners can only pay for their own money." Similar melancholy also plagued the owner of Mazda 3 in December xuser56803952010 car, opened a few years after the sudden acceleration of weakness, 4S shop inspection of the same problem in the three yuan catalytic fault, "4S said that because I did not do maintenance in 4S, I should make up to do 2800 yuan maintenance project can be replaced three yuan." The three car, the same problem, is three yuan catalytic device out of the situation, this is exactly what parts of the car, 4S store why can not claim? "In the warranty period can not be guaranteed, how should our car do?" this is the most concern of everyone. Zhou Jinhai, Deputy Secretary General of the Jinhua automotive Exchange Association, said that the main role of the three yuan catalyst is to filter the exhaust gas of the car and make the final emission of the tail gas reach the standard. In Zhou Jinhai's view, the failure of the three way catalytic converter is more often seen in old cars and too fastidious luxury cars for oil products. "It's easy to clog, need to be replaced or cleaned, and the price is not cheap. The quality is ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan and the average price is four thousand or five thousand yuan." Zhou Jinhai said that the quality assurance of the three yuan catalytic converter is different from the 4S store. When is the car owner, when can the three yuan catalyst be aware of the problem? "The throttle feels bad, speed can't be added, or the smell is smelling after driving, maybe three yuan catalyst plugging or getting out of trouble," Zhou Jinhai said. Its damage and its own quality is related to the use of the car, usually use less cars, not open the car perennial, or is always low speed driving car easy to appear three yuan catalyst problem, "for example, do not run long distance, usually only open 30~40 code car easy to form carbon." To improve it is not difficult, Zhou Jinhai said: "running a long distance to the high speed, pull a pull car, or a manual gear to hang three, open 60 miles, speed up, can reduce carbon." Zhou Jinhai said that, in view of the current problem of safeguarding rights, the owner of the car is not paying attention to collecting relevant bills during maintenance and maintenance. When the complaint needs to be raised, it can not find strong evidence and increase the difficulty of maintaining power. Some owners find car oil consumption, power and sound in daily use. There are problems with sound insulation and so on, while manufacturers claim that these problems are within reasonable limits, and there is no uniform definition of standards between the two sides. Zhou Jinhai concluded that when consumers' legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon, they can safeguard their rights and interests through the following five ways: