The TOYOTA car can't start normally
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A mileage TOYOTA km TOYOTA multi-function vehicle with a mileage of about 30 thousand km. Users reflect: the car is difficult to start successfully, no matter how cold or hot. After receiving the vehicle: confirm the fault symptoms, start the starter running normally, but the engine can not drive. Using the diagnostic instrument to self diagnose the engine system, the result has multiple fault codes, and the contents are as follows: P0300, meaning for cylinder random occurrence of multiple fire deficiency; P0301, meaning 1 cylinder lack fire; P0302, meaning 2 cylinder fire lack; P0303, meaning 3 cylinder fire deficiency; P0304, meaning 4 cylinder fire lack; P0172, system state too strong. The car is equipped with an independent ignition system, each cylinder corresponds to a ignition coil, but from the above fault code content, the possibility of the ignition coil damaged at the same time is very small, because this is the new car, the problem should be in the mixing ratio. Remove the spark plug and find that the electrode is seriously blackened, indicating that the mixture is seriously concentrated. Read data flow, coolant temperature is normal, other data are basically normal. The fuel pressure is measured, the fuel pressure is normal after starting, but the fuel pressure drops quickly after the ignition, indicating leakage. Because the cylinder mixing ratio is too serious, it is suspected that the fuel injector may leak. Remove the 4 injectors together with the oil rail, switch on the ignition switch, and find that every fuel injector has dripping oil. Check the fuel tank and find that the fuel filter is corroded. Thoroughly clean fuel tank and related piping, replace all fuel injectors and spark plugs. Test the car, the fault is completely eliminated. The damaged injector is shown in Figure 35. A new car should not have such a fault. It was later learned that the car had finished the oil at a gas station, and this fault occurred for a long time. Therefore, the fault was related to the fuel quality. Poor fuel will corrode the seals and metal parts of the fuel system, and also produce colloids and block parts. The fuel injectors and fuel filters in this case are all damaged in this way, and other parts are also polluted to varying degrees, causing great losses to owners.