Skoda Hao Rui engine starts intermittently and accelerates.
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A Skoda Hao Rui 2.0T car with a mileage of about 85 thousand km and a EA888 engine. User response: the engine of the vehicle is sometimes difficult to start, and the phenomenon of accelerating failure is accelerated. After receiving the car: first use the fault detector to detect and display the trouble free code, then carry out road test on the vehicle to accelerate normal. And the customer is in the process of accompanying the same road test, the above fault is sometimes no, without fault, the acceleration performance is good, but when the fault occurs, the maximum speed can not reach 80 km/h. After the car was opened back to the company, the high and low pressure fuel pressure values were checked respectively, showing normal (high pressure 40 bar ~ 190 bar, low pressure 4.5 bar, 1 bar=100 kPa), and then through the basic set of 107 sets of activation, the detection data system was normal, and no gas leakage was found. Because the fault has not appeared in the road test process, through the analysis of the failure phenomenon, combined with the maintenance experience accumulated at ordinary times, it is doubted that the high pressure pump may have accidental failure. After communicating with the customer, the high pressure pump is tried to replace the test. When the new high-pressure pump is replaced, the customer will drive out of the vehicle for less than 10 min and then return, reflecting that the fault still exists. Immediately with the owner of the car on the road test, found that the accelerator pedal to the end, the engine speed can only reach about 2400 r/min, can not continue to upgrade. Through the accelerated test in situ, it is obvious that the engine is speeding up the sound. The connection fault detector reads the value of the air flow sensor, and finds that the air mass flow of idle speed is 2.3g/s, and the value rises continuously when accelerating, indicating that the initial air intake should be normal. Open the engine cover to check the intake system and find that the intake manifold is abnormal. The connector has fallen out. After pushing it into the inside, the engine is accelerated, and the engine accelerates the performance immediately. Come down. Troubleshooting: replace the intake manifold assembly and run the test with the high-pressure pump of the original vehicle. The engine works normally and the road test accelerates normal and troubleshooting.