Maintenance method of GS5 transmission lever resonance of Chuan Chuan Qi
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Notification content: the above part of the vehicle in the use of 5 gear to 80 km/h above the speed of driving, may be in the manual transmission gear shift lever a slight "click" sound noise, and in the course of the vehicle will sometimes have a manual transmission gear shift lever vibration amplitude of the larger image. The specific maintenance methods are as follows. 1 specific failure phenomenon (1) driving the road test, in the use of 5 gear to more than 80 km/h speed, the manual transmission gear shift lever a slight "click" noise and accompanied by about 1 mm vibration amplitude. (2) stepping on the accelerator pedal when abnormal sound occurs, abnormal noise and vibration at the transmission shift lever are more serious. When the manual transmission is returned from the 5 gear to the neutral gear, when the gear is reconnected to the 5 gear, the abnormal sound at the shift lever of the manual transmission will disappear briefly. And when driving to 3 or 4 gears, you will occasionally hear more subtle clicking noises. 2 if there is interference between the shift lock and the drawing line during the installation of the vehicle transmission system, the frequency superposition of the resonance point of the vehicle transmission will be superimposed, and the method of changing the fixed position of the shift cable on the firewall can be used to eliminate the current atmosphere of the shift and vibration (1) and the intake pipe assembly of the vehicle. After the central console is removed, remove the shift cable from the shift rocker assembly and remove it. (2) loosen the nut fixed on the firewall to fix the position of the shifting cable, and re install the shift cable after 120 degrees.