What should be paid attention to when it is self - repairing? Five taboos to repair cars by themselves
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Many new and old drivers love to check their own vehicles, and even some owners like to do simple repairs and maintenance for their car without professional training. But it should be noted that if the operation is improper, it will cause danger. A truck driver in Guangzhou Baiyun District Sha Tai Road climbed into the bottom of the car to repair the car, because the right hand inadvertently rolled into the shaft, and finally died because of no one in time to save. According to subsequent inspection, the driver did not pay attention to safety operation when he repaired the car. At that time, the driver made two fatal mistakes when he repaired the car: when he stopped the car on the downhill road, he didn't pull the handbrake when he repaired the car and repaired the car. So when the driver got off the car to inspect the car, his wheels were rolled up and his axle was turned up. The master suggested that some simple maintenance work can be handled by the owner, such as the replacement of the wiper, the body waxing, the interior cleaning, the body surface maintenance, the filling of glass water and so on. In addition to personal safety considerations, it is also for the sake of "health" of cars, and should be assisted by professional equipment during maintenance. In the summer car, hot weather car easy to open the pot, in the case of car open, the driver do not do it yourself, because in the case of open, open the engine cover, the water tank steam temperature is too high easily lead to the face or other parts of the body are burned. If the engine is open, the car is first stopped by the road, the fire is destroyed, the key is pulled down, the machine is built up, and it is naturally ventilated and dissipated in the cool place, and then calls to wait for the arrival of the professional rescue workers. If the first case in the article, some owners will stop the bad car directly in the half slope position repair, and forget to pull the hand brake, and finally cause a serious accident. When the owner stops, he should pay attention to whether the parking place is ramp or not. Check whether the car is still on the gear and pull the handbrake. If there is a slope, it is better to put obstacles under the wheel to prevent the vehicle from sliding suddenly. Repairing cars on the roadside is a very risky business. Traffic will cause danger to you at any time. When repairing vehicles on the roadside or waiting for rescue workers on the road, they must set up warning signs about 50 meters behind the train. If there is no warning sign on the vehicle, you can find some branches or obstacles from around to mark, so as to warn the rear vehicle's effect, so as to avoid traffic accidents. Avoid: a long run engine in a non ventilated garage can start a car in a closed space, ignoring the effect of exhaust gas from the engine. Automobile exhaust is dangerous. It contains carbon monoxide. It is a kind of poisonous gas that can not be seen or smelt. It is easy to enter the cabin. If the owner is in a closed or poorly ventilated space for a long time, inhalation of low concentration of carbon monoxide can cause headache, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, dizziness of body and even brain damage.