Engine can not start after replacing cylinder cushion with Dongfeng EQ2102 car.
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Failure phenomenon: an Dongfeng EQ2102 car, in the course of the driving process cylinder cushion; in the bad, after the replacement of the cylinder pad, but the engine can not start the engine phenomenon. Inspection and analysis: starting engine test, obviously feel the air in the fuel system. First, the fuel pump was pressed to exhaust the fuel system, and a large number of bubbles were found. When the air in the fuel system is cleaned, the engine starts the engine, the engine can start the engine, but the engine turns out after 2 min, and it feels that there is still air entering the fuel system. So the high and low pressure pipeline and related parts of the fuel system were checked again. Check the fuel injector regulator, the cylinder injector, the oil delivery pump and the diesel filter, and the results are all working well. Following the inspection of the high and low pressure pipeline, it was found that there was an irregular indentation on the copper gasket at the pipe joint between the fuel pump and the fuel filter, resulting in air leakage. Troubleshooting: replace the copper shims between the fuel pump and the fuel filter.