Difficult to turn the ignition key when the masses start to start
  • Automotive

The mileage is about 30 thousand km, carrying the CFBA engine and the 0AM double clutch transmission in 2010 Volkswagen Langyi 1.4TSI sedan. User response: the ignition key is difficult to turn when the vehicle starts. Inspection and analysis: after checking the maintenance personnel, the car needs to change the ignition switch and the whole car key. Langyi MTSI car adopts the fourth generation of anti-theft system. It is necessary to replace the matching key when the key is customized according to VIN. In the use of the guided function matching process, the fault diagnosis instrument appeared a "new identification operation" only after the new lock assembly was installed. So we consulted the Public Technology Department of Shanghai. To this end, Shanghai Volkswagen has issued technical bulletins that require parts authentication. For the fourth generation of anti-theft system, if the whole car lock core is replaced, it must be matched through the new certification of the components. (1) only change the core of the whole car. Guided function, anti-theft device, new authentication of components, old password. 2. Replace the lock core, engine control unit and meter at the same time. Guided function > anti-theft device: new authentication of components, new password. (3) only the engine control unit is replaced. Guide function, anti-theft device, replace engine control unit, guard against theft and match. (4) change the instrument only. Guided function > anti-theft device to replace the combined instrument. Only match the key. Guided function > anti-theft device matching ignition key. Troubleshooting: execution of the above first hints is successful.