The TOYOTA "bread" car lights up
  • Automotive

After repairing the TOYOTA bread car with a mileage of about 126 thousand km, it was found that the reversing light was always bright. Troubleshooting: (1) fault possibility analysis. The possible reason for reversing the headlights is that the reversing lamp switch is short circuited or the reversing lamp line has a grounding fault. (2) according to the fault phenomenon and the condition that the vehicle has just repaired the transmission, the fault diagnosis method is most likely to have problems with the reversing switch. Remove the reversing light switch and find that there is no ball in the reversing switch, which causes the switch of the reversing lamp switch to be connected. (3) after the replacement of the new reversing light switch, the reversing light is only light when the transmission is turned off, and it does not appear in the other gears when the switch is replaced. Failure analysis: the reversing lamp switch does not have steel ball, may be in the maintenance of transmission, remove the inverted lamp switch, steel ball fell off the unfound, and the maintenance personnel in the back of the lamp switch, did not check whether the lamp switch is intact, resulting in the failure.