The Duke can't start after replacing the car key with the Duke
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A Duke with a mileage of 260 thousand km. The car owner lost the whole car key, replaced the ignition switch, the whole car lock, and changed the key correspondingly. The key could open the ignition switch and the starter drive the engine to turn, but the engine could not start, and the fault warning light on the dashboard was flickering. Troubleshooting: (1) the cause of failure analysis has been replaced by the same type of engine ECU in a garage, but the engine still failed to start. The car is equipped with electronic anti-theft system. From the analysis of the process of failure, it should be a problem of car burglar security. It may be that the new key can not be identified by the original ECU. (2) the method of troubleshooting (NATS) is made up of the locator and the anti-theft warning system. Only the ignition switch key of the ID number (anti-theft password) is registered in the engine ECU and NATS's anti-theft control module (IMMU) only to start the engine. The car replaced the ignition switch, the door lock and the car key, but still use the original anti-theft system, because the replacement of the key no car key ID number, can not be identified by the anti-theft ECU, anti-theft ECU anti-theft function (for example: the injector does not work), so it can not make the motive start. To enable the car to launch the car with a replacement key, the digital signal from the ID chip on the ignition key is consistent with the ID number registered by the NATS IMMU, and the NATS IMMU and the anti-theft password stored in ECU. And these only through Nissan's special computer and anti-theft software to be remade after the re - login, so only to find Nissan company special repair station to solve the problem. (3) troubleshooting measures to find Nissan special maintenance station, after the ID registration and password modification, the engine can be launched smoothly, troubleshooting. Failure analysis: after losing the key of the car, the owner of the car just thought of replacing the new car door lock and ignition switch, forgot that the car has electronic anti-theft function, the new change car key can open the door and ignition switch, but no ID number of the original key, can not be identified by the anti-theft ECU, therefore, the engine is impossible to launch. Yes. Because the anti-theft system can not start the engine, it is useless to replace the engine ECU.