Troubleshooting of engine jitter during acceleration of gold cup
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Fault: the engine tremble when the golden cup wagon accelerates. Troubleshooting: the vehicle is equipped with electronically controlled single point injection engine. According to the analysis of the failure phenomenon, the causes of the above failure are the serious blockage of the air filter, the insufficient fuel pressure, the plugging of the nozzle, the fault of the ignition system, the fault of the sensor and the failure of the control module and so on. There is no fault display device on the dashboard of the car, and there is no necessary maintenance information at present. First, the 4 spark plugs were removed and found that the spark plugs were black, the electrodes were filled with coke and the electrode gap was too large. Then the resistance of each high voltage line is measured, and all the resistance values of the high voltage line are qualified (all less than 15K Ohm). The impression after inspection is that the ignition efficiency of the car is not good, and the mixture is too thick. Then the throttle body was removed from the intake port, and a carbon deposit was found in the cavity. The carburetor cleaner is used to clean the throttle body inside and outside, and the fuel nozzle on the throttle body and idle Ma Dachai are washed down. The automobile maintenance and maintenance network then checks the vacuum output tube (on the intake chamber) connecting the pressure sensor of the intake manifold, and it is found that the vacuum output tube has been blocked by the coke. The reason for checking the fault is basically clear. Due to the blockage of the vacuum tube, the intake manifold pressure sensor can not receive the change signal of the inlet's vacuum, and the corresponding electrical signal can not be output. The electronic control module does not receive the electrical signal output from the intake manifold pressure sensor. So the performance of the engine has greatly decreased. The vacuum output pipe is dredged with steel drill and cleaned with carburetor cleaner. A new hose is used to connect the vacuum output tube and the intake manifold pressure sensor on the intake cavity, and four new spark plugs are installed on the engine. Then start the engine. At this time, the engine runs smoothly and accelerates effectively, and all the faults are eliminated.