Ford new Mondeo cannot start
  • Automotive

A new Mondeo car with a mileage of about 4500km. The car is unable to start the vehicle. Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting: the owner of the vehicle is connected to the local customers by telephone, which indicates that the remote controller is not flexible and the door can not be opened. Under the guidance of maintenance personnel, the door is opened with mechanical keys, and no response is initiated. The initial judgement is that the battery is fed. The maintenance personnel asked the owner to contact the rescue company, and the rescue company assigned him to the scene for rescue. When the maintenance personnel arrived at the scene, they decided that the battery failed and caused the failure, and found that the owner put the gear on the N gear. The preliminary judgment is thus causing the car to discharge. But does the car lock without reference to the home gear signal? The car is running smoothly. After the vehicle is 10min, it can start again after the flameout and measure the vehicle without discharge. The maintenance personnel inform the owner of the car that in future parking must be placed in the body block position, otherwise the vehicle will not enter the dormant state, and the vehicle will always discharge. The owner was satisfied with the maintenance. Maintenance summary: through the factory verification, 2.0T key free full line vehicles, regardless of the gear bar in any gear, the ignition switch open or shut down, the car key in the car or outside the car, the vehicle can be normally locked, but the vehicle lock conditions have changed, no longer reference to the body signal and ignition switch signals. The vehicle with the rearview mirror recovery function is unlocked when the front door is opened, but the rearview mirror can be retracted, and the view mirror is automatically opened after the door is closed. Except for the front door outside two, all other doors are opened and the vehicle can be locked.