Troubleshooting method for diesel engine failure
  • Automotive

The lack of torque causes the engine to work powerless. The reasons are: the improper adjustment of the injection pump, the blocking of the low pressure oil road, the obstruction of the air filter, the water in the air, the poor working of the individual cylinder, the poor working efficiency of the pump and the improper adjustment of the governor. When troubleshooting, check whether the oil pressure is normal, if normal, check the governor's work. During the inspection, the oil supply button is pulled out first, and then the fueling door test, if the acceleration is sensitive, and a large amount of black smoke is discharged from the exhaust pipe. It shows that the original oil supply is insufficient, and the fuel injection pump can be unloaded with the governor together, and the bench test can be carried out. If the oil pressure is normal, the engine has a slight shaking and a knock when the engine runs quickly, and the exhaust pipe discharge a small amount of black smoke. This is generally the condition that the oil supply is premature and should be adjusted. If the oil pressure is normal, the engine does not run smoothly, the exhaust pipe is white smoke, when the steam is as big as when it is as small as the steam, there is not much difference in the work of each cylinder after the oil breaking test. It may be in the middle of the water.