Honda CRV startup difficulty, idle speed jitter, accelerating weakness
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Q: a Honda CRV, automatic transmission failure, before repeated maintenance is not good, you asked me to replace the spark plug after eliminating the fault. However, I still do not understand why I reported the failure code of the automatic transmission solenoid valve. After replacing the spark plug, I ruled out the trouble. Please do not hesitate to give me advice! Recently, the owner of the car came to me again. The problem was that it was difficult to start up, idling jitter, accelerating weakness, and easy to stall. Consulting 4S shop Master said that the need to clean up the carbon, I use two bottles of "oil road three effect" to clean (a box of gasoline with a structure, or not see the effect, what is this problem in the end? Answer: the working time of the spark plug is too long, the gap between electrodes is too large or the electricity is leucked. The interference signals will be sent to the outside world. This interference signal will affect the normal work of other electronic products, so the spark plug is replaced, the interference source is eliminated, and the fault of the transmission is excluded.