Red flag CA7180A car suddenly flameout
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A red flag CA7180AE car with a distance of about 60 thousand km. User response: the vehicle can not start again after it suddenly stalls. Troubleshooting: (1) cause analysis of engine failure in engine failure, ignition system failure probability is the largest. In addition to the high voltage and low voltage circuits and the ignition coils of the ignition system, the sensors and their circuits that reflect the engine speed and the load and the position of the crankshaft in the electronic control system are also the cause of the failure of the engine to be incipient. (2) the troubleshooting method uses V. A. G1551 detector to read the fault information, showing that the crankshaft position sensor and its circuit are faulty. The crankshaft position sensor at the clutch housing was removed and the sensor was found to have been deformed, and the owner was asked to know that the crankshaft oil seal was not long before the oil seal was leaking and the sensor was disassembled, so it was only suspected that the crankshaft position sensor was damaged during the maintenance process. After the crankshaft position sensor is replaced, the engine can start smoothly. But a few days later, the car suddenly stopped on the road and could not start again. Read the fault information with the V. A. G1551 tester or show the crankshaft position sensor fault. After removing the crankshaft position sensor, it is found that the sensor has the same damage as last time. It is doubted that the signal triggers the rotor deformation, or there is a foreign body in the clutch shell, and the crankshaft position sensor is damaged when the engine works, but it is not found out from the window of the clutch housing. After removing the transmission, it was found that there was a M6 bolt full of scars inside the clutch housing, which originally damaged the crankshaft position sensor. (3) the fault treatment measures take out the bolt, after loading back the transmission, the new crankshaft position sensor can be replaced, the engine can start smoothly, and the operation is normal, and the fault is eliminated. Fault analysis: the fault is due to the replacement of the rear seal of the crankshaft, a short bolt left behind in the clutch shell. When the car was bumped and vibrate in the course of the road, the bolt was popped up by the signal rotor and touched the position sensor of the crankshaft, resulting in the damage of the sensor.