Audi Q5 skylight cannot be closed
  • Automotive

Audi Q5, which runs about 71 thousand km. The car skylight can't be closed. Fault diagnosis: (1) operate the window switch to the closed position, but the front window glass can not close to the normal position, re matching the skylight initialization after the phenomenon is still. (2) the window of the front window of the skylight is dismantled and the skylight is closed again. It is found that the guide part of the left and right window glass connecting rod is not in the same position. At the same time, it is found that the position of the guide slide seat in the front glass of the skylight is not on the same horizontal line, as shown in Figure 1. (3) remove the sunroof motor from the front, observe the gear of the motor and the rack of the roof rail, and there is no sign of wear or skid. (4) in the condition of the dismantling of the skylight motor, after the sliding seat of the sky window is adjusted to the same position, the motor is reloaded, and the skylight is opened and closed again. It is found that the glass connecting rod guide of the skylight can be closed in place. Install the skylight glass and try again. Further examination revealed that the front part of the skylight glass and the extrusion of the car shell were tightened when closed. Adjust the skylight backwards and troubleshoot the faults. Fault summary: the fault point of this car is that the window glass and car body are squeezed too tight and the skylight can not be closed. It is doubted that the customers want to close the skylight switch with the skylight switch under the condition that the skylight cannot be completely closed.