After Volkswagen's replacement of instrument assembly, the security system failed to match.
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A 2012 Volkswagen sedan. The car replaced the instrument assembly at the service station because the meter tachometer did not return to zero, and then failed to match the failure of the anti-theft system. Inspection and analysis: the safety control unit of the sedan car is integrated in the interior of the instrument, and it can not match successfully when the VAS diagnostic instrument is used to match the anti-theft online with the domestic data 19.05 guide function. The use of import 19.14 data must select 5K-Golf models to match online successfully. The new sedan car type using UDS protocol communication combination instrument, for the public fourth generation of anti-theft system, online matching anti-theft system can only use 5K-Golf model, the selection of anti-theft system matching menu according to the prompt operation, can match success. Troubleshooting: according to the following steps to match: choose import data 19.14 1 choose 5K-Golf vehicle type online matching anti-theft device a match successfully. Review and summary: the control unit of the proton car, including the old and new anti-theft system, is integrated into the meter. For the old speed of the red dashboard, use the domestic data or import data to select the "1K one model" online matching anti-theft system; for the old speed of the white dashboard, use the import data to select the "1K one" or "2K one", and match the anti-theft system online; for the white instrument using the UDS communication protocol. Board new Sagitar, can only choose "5K one vehicle" data online matching anti-theft system. With the upgrading of the domestic data version of the follow-up diagnostic instrument, this problem can be solved.