The key can not be pulled out after the Volkswagen is flameout
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Volkswagen 1. 8TFSI car, after the fire, the key can not be pulled out. Fault diagnosis: the 1. 8TFSI car is used as a cartridge key to analyze the reasons that can not be pulled out: one is that J527 can not be pulled out of the P bit; the two is the card key cockpit mechanical device stagnation. According to the previous experience of repairing the Bao Lai automatic transmission, the data flow of the automatic transmission control unit can correctly display the P bit, regardless of the instrument or the diagnostic instrument, but the key still can not be pulled out. Is it really the problem of the key cockpit mechanical device? The circuit diagram for the 06A type automatic transmission is analyzed. The F319 (transmission pole P bit lock switch) is integrated within the Tiptronic switch F189 control unit. The switch is a mechanical device switch and connects to the T20d/1 terminal of J527 through a 10 pin connection plug. The circuit diagram shows that the switch is disconnected when the P bit is locked. Thus, it is concluded that J527 allows the key to be pulled out at the same time that the P bit and the lock button are free to be extracted. This is the new feature of the 09G type automatic transmission electronic control system and the 01M transmission, and it is normal to move the shift out of the P bit display. However, if the switch button can not be completely released, J527 will still lock the key to the key, and pull the button switch out of the lock, and it can also move 2 to 3mm again, then try the key again, and can be pulled out normally. Dismantling the transmission rod carefully, it is found that there is sometimes interference between the ejection part of the lock switch and the inner layer of the support, and the analysis is the burr on the machining surface, which causes the switch can not be popped normally. In addition, it is necessary to explain that, unlike the shift control principle of the 01M type automatic transmission, when the transmission lever is pressed to the inner side, the hook shape in the lock switch moves upwards to make the F319 (the lever lock switch) closed. Troubleshooting: change the transmission rod, troubleshooting.