The Shenlong Fukang 988 fuel meter always indicates the E bit
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A Fukang 988 car with a distance of about 197 thousand km. No matter how much oil is added, the fuel gauge always indicates the position of E (empty oil). Troubleshooting: (1) the fault causes analysis of the fuel meter of the car is a slide resistance type, the indicator is double metal, the fuel meter always indicates the E (air oil) position, indicating that the fuel meter circuit has breakdowns, the possible reasons for failure are: 1) the fuel meter line has a broken path. 2) the fuel level sensor has internal circuit breakage or bad contact fault. 3) there are breakdowns in the indicator. (2) when the ignition switch is disconnected, the fault repair method disconnects the 3 foot plug of the fuel meter sensor wire beam, and uses the multimeter DC voltage file to measure the voltage of the iron lap (standard 3M2) on the voltage of the iron lap (standard 3M2). It shows that there is no broken path inside the fuel meter connection line and the indicator. There is a circuit breaker inside the fuel level sensor. Or contact malfunction. (3) the fault treatment measures dismantle the battery negative pole cable and empty the fuel tank, flip or dismantle the seat cushion in the back row, remove the cover, remove the ring with the special tool, and remove the fuel level sensor. After replacing the new sensor, the fuel gauge indicates normal and troubleshooting. Failure analysis: if there is no multimeter at the site of the troubleshooting, a wire can be used to tie the middle terminal of the plug of the sensor directly, and see the swing of the needle to judge the fault. If the needle is filled with the oil position, the sensor and the indicator should be checked, otherwise the sensor and the indicator should be checked. If the line is normal, a fuel indicator must be replaced.