The Volkswagen remote control can not control the control lock
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The mileage is about 100 thousand km, which is equipped with the CLS engine and the 09G manual transmission, the Volkswagen Langyi 1.6 car in 2010. User response: the remote controller can not control the central lock. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel insert the key into the door lock core for trial run and find that they can be locked / unlocked. Connect the fault detector VAS5052 to detect the body control unit J519 and find the trouble free code. Click the 012 matching function option to enter the smart channel, observe the matching value is 0, indicating that the remote control function is opened. The measured value of 15 groups and 1 areas is the operation state of the remote control. When the remote control is not pressed, the measured value of the read is unoperated; the remote control button is pressed and the measured value is locked / unlocked. Indicates that the radio signal of the remote controller has entered the body control unit. Check the working conditions of the remote control, observe the door switch without exception through indoor lights and instrument indicators. Turn on the radio when the ignition switch is open, then turn off the ignition switch, pull out the key, and the radio is not turned off. Read the measured 1 sets of ignition switch state, see that the S terminal still displays the connection when the key has been pulled out, which indicates that the information received by the J519 is still the ignition key in the ignition switch. Under this condition, the J519 will not send the lock / open lock to the ignition switch for the single detection and confirm the ignition under this condition. Switch fault.