Land Rover aurora can't start
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A 2011 mile Land Rover Aurora 2.0T car with a mileage of about 7000km. The vehicle failed to start, ABS, DSC and transmission indicated malfunction. Fault diagnosis: this vehicle is a new car. After PDI is completed, the vehicle will start in second days. (1) the vehicle can open the "ON" block, but can not start, the instrument indicates ABS, DSC, the transmission failure, the shift knob cannot rise, the battery voltage is 9.30V, the battery voltage is low. The first is the battery problem, the second is the leakage of electricity. The battery is tested with the battery tester, which indicates that the battery is tested repeatedly after charging. (2) after charging the battery to 24h, the battery is GOOD. There is no problem with the battery. After the battery is charged, the vehicle starts normal. (3) there are only second reasons for the car body leakage, the static current test of the vehicle, the static discharge current is 700mA, the discharge current is large, it is no wonder that the parking can not start a vehicle after a night, analyze the potential parts of the leakage, may be the components of the supply of power supply, RJB1 and RJB2 supply the components, BJB provides the power supply department. Piece. (4) check the circuit diagram and analyze the power distribution system. BJB is mainly to supply power to CJB, RJB and some executive components. The power supply is mainly controlled by relay. The possibility of leakage is very small, mainly CJB and RJB. After the BJB supply is supplied to CJB, the leakage current is still 700mA, and the leakage current is 700mA. After opening the power 19E supplied to RJB 1, the static current changes to 0.001A and reaches the normal level. The leakage component is the power supplied by RJB 1. (5) pull out the fuse of RJB1 separately, only when the 10RA 5A fuse is removed, the quiescent current is only 0.001A. According to the circuit diagram, this fuse is supplied to the AAM audio power amplifier. (6) remove the main driving seat and find the power amplifier. After pulling the plug C3ME22F, the leakage current disappears, and the resistance of the C3ME22F-1 to the ground resistance is checked and the line to ground resistance discharge does not exist. (7) through the above check, we can judge the leakage of the AAM module itself, check that the power amplifier is not corroded, and there is leakage after upgrading the AAM. (8) the car has not yet been sold for new cars, order AAM module to apply for warranty, and send EPQR.