Analysis of two major causes of vehicle shift jitter affecting parts life
  • Automotive

Shift is the abbreviation of "speed lever operation method". In the long term driving process, it was spread by people because of its simple and direct name. The frequency of use is very high. Moreover, how to operate skillfully, especially manually blocking cars, directly affects the safety of people driving. The automobile gearshift jitter is the problem of the car. At this time, we should analyze the causes of vehicle shifting jitter and its effects from various aspects. 1, driving habits: the coordination of the clutch and the throttle is not good; 2, there are problems in the transmission mechanism: clutch, pressure plate, guide bearing or shaft bearing aging, and so on; 1, aggravate the wear of the transmission mechanism, shorten the service life and increase the maintenance cost. 2, engine irregularities, over time, affect the life of other vibration reduction parts of engines, and 3, increase fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.