Prevention of car holder chuck to reduce car owner damage
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The car sped past, if the sudden unknown object dragged the bottom, the consequences would be really unthinkable. The most common obstacles are sudden appearance in sight, and it is too late to brake. There are two kinds of results, one is that the car passed from above, of course, with the "clang" to make people shudder, one is stuck in the place, riding a tiger is difficult, not moving. In addition to convex obstacles, it is not easy to handle concave holes, such as underwater hidden pits or empty wellhead. A wheel falling down is also a very annoying thing. It's useless to get stuck in a car, so we have to find a way to solve it. A construction site, Ms. Feng drove to see a stone on the ground, but still in the past? Slow down the car speed and feel stuck at the bottom of the car. Can't you go ahead and fall back? The car is still motionless. In this case, you don't dare to step on the gas. For the first time, Ms. Feng had a blank in her mind. Later, she telephoned and dragged the car to the 4S shop to check the chassis. Ms. Lu also had a similar experience. When she drove down from the horse's teeth, she saw a brick on it. But it can still be too high to see the height. Unfortunately, the right front wheel was rolled up with bricks, and the brick was erected vertically, and her car was stuck in place. At that time, when her car was loaded and the people on the bus came down, she found bricks in the front of the right-hand wheel. Zheng Shuwen, the general manager of FAW Volkswagen, told reporters that the first two cases and a certain wheel into the empty wellhead first put the top of the obstacle near the obstacle with a thousand gold top, so that the wheel near the obstacle was suspended, the bricks were padded under the wheel, and the car was moved to the front or rear. So, from now on, you have to try to learn to use jack, and further learn to change the tire, so that driving will be more secure. If there are no tools and enough hands, you can try to lift the nearest 1/4 body from the obstacle, and the tires in this position can be lifted up. The most precious part of the car is the engine. If the engine is hung up, the consequences will be disastrous, and the oil will flow out. Then the car will not be opened again. The tank is also a key protection target. If it breaks down, the gasoline will flow out, and it will not move. The bad thing may happen to the exhaust barrel, and the deformed exhaust pipe is often seen in the repair shop. This can be repaired, and the serious words will be replaced. Water tanks and air holes are also difficult to escape. They are at the forefront of vehicles and are the first to bear the brunt. The appearance in the repair shop will be worse. When interviewed by 4S shop, reporters found that although dragging the bottom would bring serious consequences, there were no effective preventive measures at present. The most effective existing engine panels and chassis armored, the former can play a protective role in the engine, the cheap price is about 200 yuan, the latter is mainly for waterproof, small stone to the rust and hit the chassis. The thickness of the chassis armor is about 8 millimeters, and there is also a kind of chassis sealing plastic. The thickness is about 3 millimeters. The location of the spray is the same, and the material is the same. There is a phenomenon that many people buy cars for a while and then go back to the engine guard plate and chassis armor, which is probably useful after experience. The safest way is to drive carefully and drive carefully.