Vehicle cleaning knowledge, many owners should wash their cars carefully.
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Many car owners do daily maintenance for their cars in their spare time. In the case of car washing, many owners have accumulated a lot of experience in cleaning the vehicle, and some car owners wash their car style from one school. The most basic maintenance of car wash is that many people think that it is OK to wash it, but there is still a lot of knowledge in it. The proper car wash should be car wash, and wash wax with wax. Professional car wash liquid pH value is neutral, will not eroding the surface of the car, such as containing the wax composition, can be more able to wash the car at the same time to give the body a moisturizing maintenance effect, even if often wash the car, it will not damage the car paint, but the more bright. Knowledge 1: new fashion wash, with the professionalization of the car washing, high-end, many car owners do not meet the ordinary car wash, more professional car wash came into the times. Knowledge 2: whether there is a pre washing procedure, the car is dirty, and a lot of dust and sediment are attached to the body. If you come up with a water gun, use sponge sponge, wash the car turned into a car "Sha Sha". Professional car wash should add a pre washing procedure before washing the car. That is, using special equipment to spray the special pre lotion on the body and wait for one or two minutes. After soaking, most of the sand can be separated from the car paint and then flushed with water gun. It can avoid the danger of scratching the surface of the lacquer when the car washing liquid is washed. Knowledge 3: the choice of washing liquid, washing car wash liquid, must choose the right washing liquid, the car wash the most avoid alkaline detergent or soap powder, because they have strong decontamination, but at the same time the damage is great, they often use them to wash the car, the body surface of the car will soon be eroded, and will accelerate the body rubber parts. The aging of tires, windows, and so on. Knowledge 4: the choice of tools, supplies, car washing, car washing equipment should be divided, bear's palm to wipe the body, long hair brush ring, sponge washing tires, can not be confused, and follow the principle from top to bottom. When cleaning the car, we should also follow the top-down principle, dry the water stains on the body with a soft towel, and use a professional dry and wet dual-purpose dust collector to the dust treatment in the car. A: fine wash, that is, according to the different parts of the body, choose different cleaning fluid to wash, so as to achieve the most professional car wash effect. For example, using professional windshield cleaning fluid to clean windshield glass, refurbishing tires with professional tires, cleaning the ring with professional wheel cleaning liquid, cleaning the inner box with a professional leather detergent, and so on. Of course, the charge for such refined cleaning is higher than that of ordinary washing. However, the effect of being equivalent to a small beauty is still very attractive. B: engine cleaning, many people do not attach importance to engine cleaning and maintenance. It doesn't matter to start the engine room without washing. In fact, this point of view is wrong, in another way, why the bottom of the engine room of a high-end car has a guard board, which can stop the sediment into the engine room, and everyone knows. As the saying goes, if the car is well maintained, look at the engine. In order to make the heart part of the car work well, it is necessary to carry out professional cleaning. Cleaning the engine must go to the professional car beauty shop. Before cleaning, it is necessary to wrap all kinds of important joints with thin film, then use professional detergent to clean one by one, rinse and dry with clean water, and can not be washed directly with high pressure water gun. Finally, all kinds of rubber in the engine room are protected by various kinds of rubber protective agents. In addition to all of the above, such as the construction sites have no chassis washing equipment, the quality of the builders look, the management is standardized, the speed is suitable, and so on, are the items to pay attention to the car washing.