5 tips on self repair of a car
  • Automotive

Driving a car for a long time will naturally encounter some car malfunction, the so-called "long illness become a doctor". Here are some tips for self repairing. Small fault 1: wobble when starting the car in the morning. Small tricks: because the individual cylinder work is not good, the valve closed is not strict, high speed running is a way but money, can be in the 3 or 4 gear high speed to run a while, the same effect. If the hot car does not shake but the shift is not smooth, it may be that the fuel injection volume of the fuel injector is not uniform, so it needs detection and cleaning. Minor 2: feel better than before. Little trick: when you wait for a red light, you can use your feet to brake. Minor fault 3: vehicles run off. A little trick: the front wheel of the deviating direction should raise the air pressure or the tyre of the other direction should lower the air pressure. Small trouble 4: early morning ignition found that the battery energy is insufficient, starter to work hard. Trick: take a bottle of hot boiled water on the battery and turn off all electrical equipment, including closing the door. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes to start the fire, then drive the battery. Minor fault 5: loose or rotating door handle, tight and astringent keys. Little trick: open the front door, in the side will see a plastic cover, start to see a screw inside, loose a few circles, from the outside can pull out the lock core, there is a wire button on the handle, adjust the tension of the wire can be. The screw of the rear door is blocked by the seal, and the lock is coated with grease before the installation is installed so that the handle and lock on the door will be easy and easy to recover.