Fault treatment of automobile spark plug
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Automobile is the main tool of current transportation, especially in the trend of urbanization, the development of automobile provides a platform and foundation for the quickening of the pace of life and the improvement of production efficiency. The engine is the heart of a car, and the spark plug is the pacing part of the whole heart. It is the premise and foundation for ensuring the efficiency and quality of the engine. The problem of automobile spark plug will cause the actual problems such as no car, vibration and fuel consumption in the start and operation of the engine. It will affect the normal function of the car, and will bring negative effects on the safety and comfort of the vehicle and the realization of the goal of environmental protection. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to the maintenance work of the spark plug. Through the means of technology and management, the problem of the spark plug can be effectively ensured, the performance of the spark plug is guaranteed, and the normal function of the automobile engine is maintained, and the deep level of the maintenance and maintenance of the car is realized. Target. 1. the important significance of handling the fault of automobile spark plugs is the quality of the engine running directly restricts the performance and operation quality of the whole car. The mature engine technology and the effective engine maintenance technology must practice the effective maintenance of the components and various positions so that the automobile engine can be reached to one whole. The state of harmony can ensure the effective output of the vehicle's power. The spark plug is the most important part of many parts. An excellent engine design and excellent engine maintenance can not be separated from the key link of the spark plug. Through the effective maintenance and fault treatment of spark plug, the function of the spark plug can be ensured, which can improve the starting quality of the engine, adjust the control distance and fuel consumption during the acceleration and deceleration, which is the essential foundation for ensuring the safety and economy of the automobile. The spark plugs with excellent performance can be fired in time according to the setting, which helps to realize the deflagration at the same time as the optimum compression ratio. It can not only save fuel consumption, but also reduce the emission of cars, realize the systematic target of reducing environmental pollution and reducing exhaust emission. Car spark plugs are vulnerable parts. If reasonable design and good maintenance can achieve the goal of restraining and dealing with the fault of the spark plug, it will reduce the cost of the maintenance of the spark plug, and also reduce the loss caused by the failure of the spark plug. 2. the causes and treatment of common motor spark plug failure (1) the cause of black sediment in the electrode position of the spark plug and the treatment of black sediments mainly from the air filter can not effectively filter the air, even the air filter plugging and breakage problems, which will lead to the air impurities into the cylinder, and in the air The deposition of the electrode position of the car spark plug will show black due to the discharge effect, which will lead to the bad ignition of the spark plug and inadequately deflagration. In addition, the concentration of mixed gases is too high, which is also the main reason for the appearance of black sediments, which can lead to insufficient combustion in the cylinder, resulting in the deposition of carbon in the spark plug, which shows that the engine is difficult to start. When the black sediments in the spark plug electrode position should be processed in time, first determine the type of black sediments so that the treatment method can be determined. If the sediment comes from the air filter, it is necessary to disassemble the spark plug in time and then clean up with the gasoline; if the sediment is derived from the deposit. Carbon should adjust the proportion of the mixture, and it can also make the mixture fully burn through long and high speed, so that the effect of carbon deposition can be eliminated. (2) the main reason for the breakage of the spark plug insulators of automobile spark plug insulators is detonation. If the octane number is too low, the spark ignition time is early, the temperature of the cylinder is too high and the proportion of the mixed gas is too low will cause the explosion of the engine, which leads to the excessive vibration of the spark plug of the automobile. Edge damage. The insulator breakage of automobile spark plug should be replaced in time. In the process of replacement, it is necessary to ensure the control of valve clearance, cooling system and the tightness of spark plug, avoid greater detonation of loose and excessive gap, and influence the structure and stability of the automobile spark plug. (3) the cause of this problem is usually caused by defects or damage to the ceramic insulators of spark plugs. It is also possible that the gap between the spark plug electrodes is too large or the insulation of the ignition coil is bad after long term use. We can also solve this problem by replacing spark plugs. But if we encounter this problem in the course of driving, and no new spark plugs can be replaced, the high pressure wire can be pulled from the spark plug, then the spark plug is put on the spark plug, leaving a distance of about 8 mm between the high pressure wire and the spark plug, and then using the insulated rubber tube at the connection. The enameled wire copper wire is all fastened and fixed. 3. the key points for the correct use of the spark plug of the car (1) the correct dismantling and installing the special sleeve wrench for the disassembly and application of the spark plug of the automobile to avoid the insulator fragmentation resulting in the discharge of the spark plug. In order to avoid the damage of the spark plug holes on the cylinder cover, before installing the spark plug, check the loss of the seal washer. If the washer is lost, the spark plug will be badly dissipating, leading to the early combustion and the carburetor tempering and so on. (2) spark plug use time spark plug has its own economic life, we must use it within the life of the spark plug, for the use of long time car spark plug must be changed in time, in order to avoid failure and reduce trouble. 4. conclusion automobile spark plug is an easy fault part of automobile engine. It has become an important part of automobile maintenance work to pay attention to and strengthen the maintenance work of automobile spark plug. The importance of automobile spark plug maintenance should be felt from automobile spark plug failure, and the importance of automobile spark plug maintenance can be felt. On the basis of mastering the technical essentials of automobile spark plug maintenance, the important experience of using and maintaining the spark plug is formed to control the car sparks in detail. Plug fault, from the overall to ensure that the function and role of automotive spark plug value.