Changan automobile exhaust pipe in the course of firing
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Troubleshooting: (1) the reasons for the cause analysis of the engine exhaust pipe caused by the failure analysis are as follows: the excessive mixture of gas, the weak electric spark produced by the ignition system, the bad operation of the individual cylinder, the ignition and the cylinder, and the small ignition advance angle. (2) troubleshooting method, stopping check carburetor float room oil surface normal. When the distributor cap is opened, it is found that the contact of the broken electrical apparatus has been ablated. The contact is grind with the sand bar and clean the contact points. Then the contact gap is adjusted to the specified range, then the engine is started, and the operation is normal. But after a period of time, the exhaust pipe was released. Careful examination of ignition coil, high voltage wire, distributor and spark plug did not show any abnormalities. At last, the connection line between the movable contact arm of the broken electrical apparatus and the low voltage wiring column of the distributor was found to be abnormal, and only a few copper wires were left at the turning point. (3) fault handling measures replace a new contact point, the engine runs normally, and the exhaust pipe firing phenomenon completely disappears, and troubleshooting. Fault analysis: the wire is the only way of the primary current of the ignition coil through the contact of the contact to the iron, because some copper wire has been broken, only a few copper wires are left, the resistance is increased, thus the primary current is reduced, the secondary voltage of the ignition coil is reduced and the energy is insufficient. When the temperature of the ignition coil is rising, the resistance of the primary winding of the ignition coil increases as the temperature rises, and the secondary voltage of the ignition coil will decrease obviously, and the ignition energy will also be ignited when the engine runs a period of time. The ignition rate is reduced or even broken, resulting in the engine exhaust pipe firing.