I can repair the car myself and identify the vehicle faults from the steering wheel.
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For a driver, the most important thing to control a car is to control the steering wheel and brake. The steering wheel can not only control the direction of the vehicle, but also identify faults. The first step in safety is to learn how to use the steering wheel well. Here, HKSBT302 and you share your experience and experience of using the steering wheel. The correct driving posture of good driving posture can reduce the fatigue of the driver, and facilitate the use of various driving manipulating machines, observation of the instruments, and the conditions behind and around the front of the car. So, what is the standard driving posture? First, keep the body on the steering wheel and maintain integrity, back lightly on the back chair, and then adjust to the seat according to height to the appropriate state, fasten the seat belt; second, two eyes straight ahead, the left hand lightly grasps the direction disc 9 point position, the right hand lightly grasps the steering wheel 3 points, left and right thumbs nature Straight to the upper edge of the steering wheel rim, the other four fingers from the outgoing light grip; third, left foot under the clutch pedal, the right foot palms at the accelerator pedal 2/3, in a word, to sit on the seat of the body relaxed, comfortable, natural, coordinated and flexible action. Let the steering wheel take the first place, make full use of a reference of the car, when the reference is located in the middle or side of the road, it should be able to correctly feel the location of the vehicle to determine the timing and magnitude of the direction or direction. Second, we should make full use of the double eye light as a use to overcome the eyes and see the far disregard of the eyes. In the near future, the direction of correction is relatively late; third, develop good habits of not steering the steering wheel. In the direction of correction, we should do "timely" two words, and the amplitude is moderate, generally in the back direction should be a little early, and the amplitude should be small; fourth, combining the training of the field, training the timing and speed of steering, such as 8 shaped, S and right angle turning; fifth, when the vehicle runs on the right, to prevent the car head to right skew, The steering wheel should turn left to no idle clearance so that the left hand can feel the location of the vehicle at this time.