How to deal with eccentric wear should be carried out in four rounds in time?
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Recently, some brands of tyres frequently appeared bulging and sidewall cracks were exposed by the state and aroused strong concern. On the one hand, these tyres have a wide range of events, on the other hand, the tire enterprises have taken out the quality inspection report of the product, proving that the performance of the product is indeed in accordance with the relevant regulations, and it is difficult to make a conclusion in the short term. But it is certain that no matter whether the tires are incompetent, most of the causes of the failure are due to the driver's bad driving habits and the improper use of the car. Miss Liu unwittingly found a drum on the front of the front tire of his car and looked a bit awkward, but it seemed to have no impact on it, and there was no air leakage, and Miss Liu was not the same thing. Later, when the car was washed, the owner of the car wash shop told her that it was tyres and suggested changing tyres. Miss Liu felt that the boss wanted to earn her money. At present, most of the car vacuum tyres on the market are radial tires with 1-2 layers of cord cord, which provide comfort for the vehicles, but the negative effect is that the strength of the tires is relatively poor. In particular, the side of the fetal side is a soft rib. In a certain sense, the occurrence of this tire drum phenomenon is largely due to the strong impact that occurs in the use of the tire, resulting in the serious extrusion deformation between the tire and the rim of the rim, causing the tire cord to be broken by shearing, and the air inside the tire will rise from the broken yarn at the end of the tire. Drum bag. As we all know, too big or too small air pressure is bad for tyres. The pressure is too big, the tire becomes hard, the ride comfort of the vehicle is reduced, the tire is pulled too long like a rout, the elasticity is lost, and the tire is easily broken when the force is larger. The pressure is too low, the tire becomes soft, the fuel consumption of the vehicle is rising, and the tire is easily broken when the tire is impacted by the shear stress between the obstacle and the ring. It is also important to improve driving habits. The tire may impact deep pits or other foreign objects at high speed in poor road conditions, resulting in serious extrusion deformation between the tire and the rim of the rim, resulting in the broken yarn of the tire cord, when the air inside the tires will rise from the broken yarn to form a drum. On the other hand, it is also possible to cause bulging on the wall when the horse's teeth and the scraping obstacles are stopped. So we should try to reduce these conditions as much as possible. Mr. Zhu changed a few famous brand and high performance tires to the car, but he did not open it for long. One day, he suddenly found the pattern of the left front wheel had been polished, and he died of Mr. Zhu's pain. Going to the tire shop is going to replace a new tire, but it is suggested that for the sake of symmetry, two front tires should be changed at the same time, which is even more distressed for Mr. Zhu. The standard deviation of the eccentric wear is called the unilateral wear, which is usually caused by the wheel's bad positioning, causing the wheel to be overleaning or incline, which requires the four wheel alignment correction to eliminate the tire deviation caused by the bad four wheel positioning. If the tire is worn away, it will cause abnormal vibration of the vehicle if it continues to run, which will affect the handling performance of the vehicle. If four rounds of positioning are not carried out in time, the worn tire will soon be scrapped for serious wear and tear. After a certain mileage, the tire must be transposition. This is because the load on the wheels around the front and back is different. We know that the wheel has the obliquity, the front bundle and so on. The wheel position and the force condition change when the car turns. In the course of the driving, the wear of each tire is different, and the wear of the different parts of the same tire tread is also not consistent. The more common way to replace the tire with Japan is the same side transposition, that is, the front wheel's tire is changed to the rear wheel, and the rear wheel's tire is changed to the front wheel, so that the left and right sides will not be exchanged. The reason is that the buffer layer and the band band of the radial tire are fixed in the rotation direction. If the right and left exchange, the rotation direction is reversed, the buffer layer and the band band will be fixed in the opposite direction, which will cause vibration and affect the comfort of the ride. Another point to note is that the four wheel alignment should be carried out regularly. We know that after a certain period of time, the deviation of the four wheels will inevitably occur, and this is the main cause of eccentric wear. Therefore, just like people's regular physical examination, even if you do not feel any abnormalities, you should make four rounds of positioning correction every few months. Compared with the tires of hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars, the four round positioning cost of 200 yuan is worth investing. Mr. Cheng has been worried about one thing for a long time, that is, slow tires of car tires. The tire does not seem to be abnormal, nor does it come to nails. But the car must be inflated every week, otherwise the tyre will be deflated. Often inflating is not only troublesome, but also making Mr. Cheng feel uncomfortable on the road. What is the problem? The reason for slow deflation is quite complex. Sometimes it is inflated on 32 days and sometimes inflated on seven or eight days. It is very annoying, causing the owner to have a headache. But generally speaking, the reasons for slow diarrhea are mainly from the following situations. One is that the tire is tied up with tiny sharp tools, and even it is drilled into the tire, and it is difficult to detect and detect from the tread. One more situation comes from the previous pregnancy. After a period of time, the rubber strip is worn out, the rubber loses elasticity, and the tire rubber strip can not be tightly combined with the tire rubber, thereby causing chronic leakage. Too old as the tire is too old to slow down, that is because the tire is too long to use, or for a long time when the tire pressure is insufficient or the air is ineffective. The edges of the tires can not be tightly integrated with the hub, and will also slow down. In the process of loading and unloading, a crowbar is pried with a crowbar, the steel wire on the edge of the tire is pried and the aluminum alloy of the wheel hub is scratched with a screwdriver such as a screwdriver, so that the tire edge wire can not be tightly combined with the wheel hub, and it will also lead to slow gas. Actually, it is not difficult to prevent and solve tyres slowly. First of all, to ensure that the tire used is not "extended service", if tire rubber aging is serious, leakage will be difficult to avoid. Secondly, in the daily replacement of tires should be very careful, we should urge workers in the "pick tire" process should not pay attention to tire edges and wheels damage. And once the slow gas has appeared, it can not be delayed because the impact is not obvious and procrastination, in fact, even the tiny loopholes in the tire can be checked out, should be timely leakage, do not leave hidden dangers. In addition, the experts suggest that the use of a new type of fetal fluid can also greatly avoid the occurrence of slow gas, which can be evenly distributed in every corner of the inside of the tire during the driving process, not only to repair the existing small pores, but also to have some preventive effect.