BMW 3 system E46 and E90 maintenance light return method
  • Automotive

BMW 3 line E90 maintenance lamp is zero 1, oil change maintenance or maintenance check and brake fluid cycle reset - ignition key is located at position "0" - press the button of mileage display (in combination instrument), and rotate the ignition key to position "1" - continue to hold the button for about 5 seconds, 2, until the display appears. Column information: "Oelservice (oil change maintenance)" or "Inspektion (maintenance check)", with "Reset" or "Re" - hold the button again for about 5 seconds, 3, until the display "Reset (reset)" or "Re" flicker - press the button in a short time when the display is flashing, so that the maintenance cycle is reset. After displaying the new cycle briefly, the brake fluid replacement cycle is displayed. 4, the following information is displayed on the display: the clock symbol and "Reset" or "Re" - hold the button for about 5 seconds again until the display "Reset" or "Re" flicker - temporarily hold the button when the display flickers, so that the brake fluid is periodically reset. 5, after a brief display of the new cycle, the display finally appears on the display for about 2 seconds of the following information: "END SIA": additional information about the reset of the SIA