BMW 7 series E65, E66 maintenance lamp return to zero and E65 chassis return to zero method
  • Automotive

BMW 7 line E65, E66 maintenance light return to zero, ignition switch open to ON (insert the ignition key, press the START/STOP key on the left of the ignition key), press the zero button in the upper left of the instrument, about 8 seconds after the release, at this time the instrument left upper instrument left area displays as follows: RETURN back BR.FLUID 9MTHS brake fluid ENG. OIL 30TKM Engine oil 30 thousand km FR. BRAKE 40TKM front brake disc 40 thousand km R.BRAKE 40TKM after 40 thousand km VEH.CHLK 50TKM body check 50 thousand km SPKPLUGS 60TKM spark plug 60 thousand km COOLANT 30MTHS coolant when more than the prescribed kilometer or date, the central display area will display maintenance information, and instrument When you return to zero, the return to the zero main menu will show "!" Reminding the word "R BRAKE 40KTM!" 2, pressing and loosening the zero button (also by pressing the two buttons on the turning light switch), select "ENG OIL 30TKM", the engine oil is zero, and then hold back to the zero button until the instrument. The following information is displayed on the top right screen: RETURN RESET ENGINE OIL? 3, then click the zero key to select "RESET ENGINE OIL", and hold the zero button again until the screen displays "ENGINE OIL RESET OK", and the oil maintenance lamp is finished by the zero program.