Golf 1.8AT fog light indicator light
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Malfunction: a 1.8 AT fault of Volkswagen Golf, which has been running for 23 thousand kilometers: when the brake is on the brake, the fog light on the dashboard is on. Fault diagnosis: other indicator lights are observed to be normal, judging the grounding wire is not true, fastening the steering column, the rear of the instrument, the battery near the grounding line of the engine and the failure still. It is also found that when the left turn is turned, the emergency lamp and the fog lamp are lit at the same time. Then check the left wiring harness and tighten the grounding wire of the backup compartment. Then it is found that the plug of the left rear taillight assembly is not solid. Troubleshooting: plug the left rear taillight plug, troubleshooting. Automotive encyclopedia knowledge: the fuel supply system, as the name suggests, is the device used to supply combustible mixture. Of course, because of the different fuels, the mode of supply will be different. For example, the supply of gasoline is based on the requirements of the engine to produce a certain amount and concentration of mixed gas for the cylinder, and the exhaust gas after the combustion is discharged from the cylinder to the atmosphere.