Audi A6 is noisy when driving at low speeds or turning.
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An Austrian A6 sedan with a distance of about 17 thousand km. The car has a "squeak" when it is driving at low speed or without turning. Fault diagnosis: the incoming test vehicle is confirmed as the sound inside the dashboard, and the instrument table is disassembled and the test is carried out. It is found that the left fixed seat of the dashboard is "squeaky" when the low speed and slow turning or driving uneven pavement, and there are vibration phenomena at the same time, but as long as the sound is attached to the above sound, the sound will disappear immediately. Check that the fixed seat is riveted to the body, the installation position is normal, and there is no loosening phenomenon. It is doubted that the stress produced by the left fixed seat of the dashboard when riveting to the body is not eliminated, resulting in a "squeaking" sound caused by vibration and load when the body is loaded at the same time when the sound appears. The hammers are used to knock down the fixed seat of the instrument table and the riveting body around the car body to eliminate stress, and the noise of the trial run is eliminated. Troubleshooting: hammers are used to remove stress on the left side of the instrument bench and the riveting body around the body. Fault summary: there will be different stresses in the installation of the body parts, especially the welding process. If the treatment is not good, a variety of noise will appear during the use of the vehicle.