Analysis and diagnosis of the malfunction of the engine piston knockout
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The engine will not produce abnormal noise when it works normally. Only when the technical state of an engine is changed, such as too much wear, too large fit clearance, improper assembly adjustment, will cause the engine to work out of abnormal sound. Piston knocking abnormal noise is the sound of a piston hitting the cylinder liner. There are many reasons for the piston knocking. Because of the specific reasons, the failure of the knock on the cylinder is different, mainly when the engine is cold, the knocking of the cylinder, the hot state of the engine and the cold and hot state of the engine all have a knock on the cylinder. If the piston knocks on the cylinder is very loud, the hot car is lighter or disappear, the engine can continue to use. If the piston knocks for the hot car continuous knocking, it can not continue to use, should be factory maintenance. 1. failure phenomenon