Interpretation of five common fault indicator lamps for automobile dashboards
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A water thermometer is usually a pointer to a vehicle. Its pointer is usually indicated at normal temperature when it is in the red area, the temperature is generally around 95 degrees Celsius, and some cars are higher. The indication of the water temperature meter can tell us the current temperature of the vehicle, showing whether it is in the normal temperature working range and whether there are abnormal conditions such as high temperature. Because once the vehicle runs in high temperature for a long time, it will cause serious damage to the engine. This requires us to pay attention to the indication of the water temperature meter from time to time when driving. Especially in summer, the weather is relatively hot and easy to cause the high temperature of the engine; so when driving in the summer, pay special attention to your car's water thermometer, do not let the water thermometer pointer to the red alarm area. If the pointer indicates the red alarm area of the water thermometer, it is necessary to open the car to the roadside in time and check to see if the engine has, if the engine is really open (if the tank is open to open the tank to avoid scalding), then don't start the car to cool it slowly; then wait for the rescue or replenish the cooling water. To the nearby maintenance station for inspection and maintenance, find out the cause of high water temperature and timely troubleshooting. If the alarm light is lit or the pressure meter is too high, we must make the engine stall. First check whether the engine is missing. The method is to put out the engine, pull out the engine oil scale, and see if the oil page is between the minimum and the highest limit. If the oil is normal, the maintenance personnel should be checked to determine the reason why the lamp is lit. If the brake alarm light is on when the hand brake is open in normal driving, check the level of the liquid in time to see if the brake oil is missing; once the brake oil is badly missing, pay attention to find out if there is any leakage. Because the brake oil will not be short of too much, the leakage of the brake oil will cause the brake failure to be particularly careful; after inspection, if there is no shortage, the brake oil level sensor or the handbrake light switch needs to be overhauled. If the ABS light is on the road, it shows that the ABS electronic control system is abnormal; in this case, the normal brake system will not be a problem only ABS does not work, as the owner is not afraid of this situation (not that ABS has a failure, no brake, because they are two not in series relations, A BS only starts at the end of the wheel, the wheel does not start when the wheel is unlocked, but as long as the brake system has no fault, the brake is still available), as long as it is normal to drive, and then to the maintenance station as soon as possible. If the self inspection is not passed after the vehicle starts, the safety alarm light will be lit; at this time the airbag may not play the role of passive protection in the event of accident; but the vehicle can still continue to drive, without being too worried about to be overhauled as soon as possible to the maintenance station.