Engine failure can not start when Polo 1.4L car is running normally.
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Fault: a factory in 2003, the Baltic 1.4L car, in normal driving suddenly unable to accelerate, the engine can no longer start after the fire. Inspection and analysis: after rescuers arrived at the scene, the engine was tested, the engine started smoothly, but the EPC lights on the dashboard were lit. It was learned that the intake manifold absolute pressure sensor was replaced by the EPC light for the first two days of the vehicle. Remove the air intake manifold absolute pressure sensor inspection, also did not find oil sludge and limb quality and anything, so the first two days of the old sensor cleaned up after cleaning up the fault code, starting the engine and found that the EPC lights no longer light, the test is all normal, so the new product is the result of poor quality. But after a day, the owner called again, and no trouble code was stored in the air conditioning system. The car can not be speeded up after analysis. The engine can no longer start after engine failure. After the car is dragged back to the factory, it is connected with the fault detector, and the absolute pressure sensor fault of the intake manifold is displayed. After the fault code is cleared, the engine work is restored to normal. It is doubted that the PCV valve is sometimes not working well, but because the crankcase ventilation device is not well removed, it is decided to conduct routine inspection first. After checking, the gasoline pressure, spark plug, ignition coil, throttle, vacuum tube and so on are all normal. The fault was not reproduced when the road test was over 0.5h. Check the relevant lines and electrical components and find that the oil pump relay is particularly hot. In order to determine the cause of the fault, continue to test the road of 5 km, the oil pump relay fever, it seems that the relay itself is not a problem, check the fuel pump and its line, its line is normal, it seems that the fuel pump may have problems, remove the fuel pump inspection, found that the filter net below has blocked a layer of dirt. The original fuel pump overload work, resulting in the oil pump relay heating, finally disconnected, when the car cooled a while after the relay returned to normal work, the car can work normally. Because the pressure of the fuel system is not enough, the gas mixture suddenly becomes thinner, so the engine ECU stores the fault code about the fault of the intake manifold absolute pressure sensor and lightens the EPC lamp. Elimination method: replace the fuel pump.